Cafe Uno: Where to eat in Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Published: August 12, 2010. This may already be outdated.

After camwhoring at Bantay Church, the bad Traveler as well as his bad group made a decision to have breakfast that early. We headed to Bantay’s neighbor city Vigan, funding of Ilocos Sur, for breakfast.

It was past 6am when we stopped in front of cafe Uno in Vigan for breakfast. cafe Uno is just a few steps away from the famed Calle Crisologo as well as stands just next to Grandpa’s Inn. exact same owner, I guess.

We believed we would be the only people there since it was early however we were wrong — so wrong. The location was small; in fact, its primary bar can only fit around 20 people. It was jam-packed! most likely since this little restaurant is one of the most prominent in the city, if not the region, as well as tourists who are on a road trip or set up excursions like us would truly like to have a taste of what this resto has to عرض.

We were lucky to have discovered a vacant table at the far end of the restaurant. After being handed the menu, we took a long time to order. a few of us bought Vigan longganisa while we, Tapa Ilokano.

A breakfast meal at cafe Uno costs PhP95 (US$2). quite inexpensive yeah. Here’s a total listing of the breakfast meals they serve (lifted off of their menu). as well as they include rice, egg as well as coffee or tea.

Tapa Ilokano

Tapa Tagalog (sweet)

Sun-dried tapa


لحم بقرى بالذرة



Chicken Longganisa




Daing Pusit

Daing na Bangus


They likewise serve light breakfasts for youngsters for the exact same cost (PhP95).

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