Man-made forest of Bilar as well as Loboc, Bohol

It was as though the surrounding landscape morphed from farmlands to forests in an instant, as though our car drove with a portal into a parallel universe. We pulled over as well as our driver-cum-tour guide dragged us back to reality. “This is the manmade forest,” he announced.

The manmade forest is a 2-kilometer stretch of mahogany trees that carpet the sloping ground where the municipality of Loboc satisfies Bilar. Travelers going to the chocolate Hills from Loboc will not miss this.

We traipsed along the road under the canopy of a rich mahogany forest whose branches rounded overhead. I might not assist however look up; their leaves have blocked out the sun completely. uniform as well as imposing, their thin trunks stand so close to every other like a platoon of huge soldiers. At the time, no wind was there to tousle their verdant tops yet they appeared to be moving, stepping back, providing method to visitors passing by. 

In their shade, I gadded in awe, hypnotized by the virid ceiling above me as well as totally forgetting that the road I was walking on was a highway. A loud honk jerked my consciousness back just in time as a cars and truck sped best past me. Here in this forest, it’s difficult not to daydream for the location itself appears like it came directly from a fantasy movie.

Manmade forest of Bilar as well as Loboc
Souvenir stalls lined up by the road
I don’t understand what animal this is however there are lots of ’em there.
The trees breathe, producing a breezy environment that is much cooler than the outside. No matter exactly how hot the day is, it stays comfortable in the business of these hardy yet nurturing soldiers.

Note: There is no designated auto parking area here. When you see this, I bet you won’t be the only ones camwhoring at this place. however BE CAREFUL! You may be so focused on taking photos that you may fail to remember that it’s still part of the highway. cars passing with the forest can be extremely speedy.

How to get here: From Tagbilaran, you can join a group trip provided by different trip operators as well as hotels. You may likewise lease a van or motorcycle to get here. Taking public transportation is alright however getting out can be a issue because the bus won’t truly wait on you. You will have to wait on the next bus to relocation to your next stop, which is much more stressful as well as time-consuming.

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